About Us

Prolifera Commercial Spot from Prolifera Brand on Vimeo.


Prolifera is dedicated to redefining the future of the cannabis industry during these uncertain times. Built around a line of cutting edge instant release tablets, Prolifera produces all new cannabis products made using familiar oil based pharmaceutical technology. This delivery method offers consumers a consistent baseline dose of rare, minor cannabinoids in a instant release tablet form.

Due to cannabinoids and cannabis in general being illegal to research for almost 80 years, many consumers are familiar with cannabidiol (CBD), but are mystified by minor cannabinoids that have the potential to provide a variety of results. Recent federal legalization changes have allowed us to begin researching individual cannabinoids. The cannabis plant has hundreds! We have only identified a dozen or so. Prolifera has three facilities working on the frontier of cannabis science and developing new minor cannabinoids to provide never before seen data.

Join us on our journey as we continue to expand our product line and bring fascinating discoveries and educational resources to the cannabis space!